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 Total Athlete Coaching

Lakefront Hockey Group offers a unique coaching experience to each of the players that we work with. We like to call it the "Total Athlete Coaching" model. In order to achieve your full potential as a hockey player and give yourself the best opportunity to make it to the highest levels of the game (junior, college, pro), prioritizing more than just on-ice skill development is essential. 

Our model takes a comprehensive approach to coaching by evaluating and enhancing a player's commitment to multiple factors that all contribute to athlete performance and advancement in the game of hockey. These factors include Academics, Mindset, Networking, Nutrition, Physical Development, and Skill Development.

The best part about it is that a handful of our services can be offered virtually! Click the inquire button if you are interested in any of our services! Read more below.


Academic mentoring to stay on top of your coursework and standardized tests (ACT, SAT, etc.). The better your grades and test scores, the more opportunities you open up for yourself to receive scholarships and roster spots on both junior and collegiate level teams.


We will help you decide which teams and organizations to reach out to and how to reach out when you are ready to make the jump to the next level. Opportunities are out there for everyone, but you need to take the initiative to go get them!

Physical Development

Physical assessment and individually tailored off-ice workout plans focused on your areas of necessary development. Strength, conditioning, mobility, and stability are all important aspects that contribute to and enhance on-ice performance.


Psychological analysis and coaching to improve the mental side of your game. Mental toughness and a good mindset is a large percentage of what makes hockey players, and even people in general, successful in their careers.


Teaching about the basics of nutrition, as well as development of meal plans tailored to you as an individual. Nutrition is one of the most overlooked tools available to hockey players to help them develop, feel more energized, and ultimately gain the upper hand on their competition.

Skill Development

Analysis of on-ice skills and personalized coaching to develop specific areas of your game including skating, shooting, playmaking, etc. All of our coaches have played at the highest levels of the game and will help you develop elite skills to integrate into your own game.

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