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LHG Academy


What is "LHG Academy"?

LHG Academy is a hockey family advising and developmental program for our most dedicated and serious clients. We offer several different membership options depending on your desired involvement. New members consist of athletes who are ready or close to being ready to make the jump to the Junior and/or College levels. Our goal as a staff is to help you get a junior contract or college offer in your hand by the time we are done working with you. With academics playing such a big role in opening up opportunities for players, we work with each client to help them unlock their full academic potential through tutoring, study tips, and academic career advising.

What is Hockey Family Advising?

A hockey family advisor is is a "go-to" person for hockey parents and players to assist and direct players and their families in achieving their educational and hockey goals. One of our advisors will be available around the clock for you to ask questions and gain feedback about the future of your academic and hockey career. 

The Process

Most likely you are visiting our site because you are looking for some advice or help navigating your hockey career. Often times players and parents are left in the dark about what teams actually care and are genuinely interested in them. Most parents, even those who played hockey at a high level, don't entirely understand the constantly changing landscape of junior and college hockey in North America, and even more so, don't know what programs are telling the truth about what their intentions are with your player.

Some common questions that we receive include:

  • What leagues/programs should I even consider?

  • Does the Junior program that offered me a spot have veteran players who will take priority over me?

  • Is this program affiliated with any lower level programs that I could potentially get moved down to after signing this contract?

  • Does the program have a a history of frequent trades or releases?

  • Does this program/coach have a good track record of moving players on to the next level?

  • Does the team I am signing with have enough import roster spots?

  • How many players has the college I am about to commit to, offered the same commitment to?

As you can see, the whole process is extremely complex and confusing. This is why the NHL and other professional leagues around the country require players to have representation (Agent), and it is strongly encouraged that amateur players are represented as well (family advisor).

With that being said, there are some rules regarding representation if you are interested in playing NCAA hockey.

  1. The player must be represented by a family advisor NOT an agent​​If this rule is ignored, it could ruin a player's NCAA eligibility forever which is why it is important to work with experienced individuals who are familiar with NCAA eligibility rules. As long as a family advisor agreement is created, a players eligibility cannot be jeopardized. Here at LHG, we take the necessary steps as far as legal documentation to ensure that a players NCAA eligibility is not compromised.

  2. The advisor MUST charge a fee for their services: Unfortunately this rule cannot be ignored. The NCAA does consider the services of a hockey family advisor (marketing, training, advising, etc.) as a gifted service if there are no fees associated with it, thus resulting in permanent loss of NCAA eligibility

We genuinely value the importance of preserving your NCAA eligibility by taking the necessary precautions to ensure that it does not happen here at LHG.

Now What??

Now that you are confused or frustrated with the uncertainty of options at the next level and understand the NCAA eligibility rules a little better what's next?

It is important to understand that hockey is a business after you leave high school and move onto the higher levels. You as a player will be targeted by all sorts of programs (Junior A, B, AAA), and seen by some of them as a dollar sign. It is hard to determine what camps or opportunities are right for you, and which ones are telling you the truth when they talk to you about their program. As you get into the higher levels of hockey, tryouts can begin to cost a couple thousand dollars between fees and travel just to attend. With that being said, you want to make sure that you are picking the RIGHT opportunities to pursue. 

As you can see, this whole process gets very expensive especially if you are attending random camps of teams that sent you an email along with thousands of other skaters. Do this a few times and it can be very expensive, time consuming, and draining on both the player and the family. You may be good enough to make the team but several other factors like loyalty, age, experience, etc., can keep you from cracking the roster.

This is where the Lakefront Hockey Group Academy comes in!!

All of the advisors on our staff have been through this process and experienced the junior/college hockey world first hand. We want to help you avoid the same mistakes we made and guide you in making decisions when it comes to navigating your hockey career after high school.

What Do We Offer Our Academy Clients?

  • 24/7 365 access to hockey and academic advising through a personal adviser that will be assigned to you

  • Monthly educational / progress update meeting with advisor. Topics include, but not limited to:

    • Personal goal development​

    • Junior/College hockey landscape

    • The role of academics in the higher levels of hockey

    • Networking with Junior and College coaches

    • Skill and physical development analysis

    • Gameplay analysis and feedback

  • Live feedback on play following AT LEAST 2 games per season

  • Unlimited discounted on-ice private lessons 

  • Personalized off-ice training plan developed by certified strength and conditioning coach

  • Marketing you as a player to junior and college coaches

  • Academic tutoring and career navigation advising

Reach out now for a free consultation!!

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