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About US


Our Mission

Lakefront Hockey Group offers personalized hockey family advising and training to players who are serious about improving their game and getting to the next level. We take pride in providing our clients with professional coaching and excellent player development on and off the ice, in addition to an ample amount of next-level exposure opportunities. Our main goal is to provide our players with the tools to maximize their full potential, and ultimately prepare them for the next level.

About LHG

  • We follow a "Complete Athlete Development" model to help our clients mold themselves into elite future prospects for the higher levels of the game of hockey.

  • Complete athlete development involves on and off-ice skill development, off-ice physical development, and action steps made outside of training that will allow for a more complete player (academics, networking, career goal setting, etc.). This formula has been proven to be extremely beneficial to our athletes.

  • We have a very selective hiring process when it comes to our advisors. All of our advisors have several years of coaching experience and have played hockey at the highest levels (Jr. A, NCAA, and professional).

  • We are committed to providing unbiased coaching and career advice. Although we do believe that we have a lot to offer our clients in terms of advising and skill development, we have always, and will continue to promote other organizations that may be useful in a player’s development. We will not preclude players from working with us because of their past involvement in other organizations.

What We Offer

  • On-ice training sessions tailored to your needs as an individual

  • Personalized off-ice training services provided by Elite Sport & Spine in Brookfield

  • Hockey family advising to aid you in reaching your goals as a hockey player

  • Jr/College Academy for our most dedicated and serious clients

What Is a Hockey Family Advisor?

  • LHG hockey family advisors act as the “go to” person for the client. The advisor works closely with the parents or guardian of the players to assist in fulfilling his educational and hockey goals.

  • LHG creates individual packages for each player tailored to their specific goals and needs.

  • The best time to hire an advisor would be when the player wants to further their hockey career, but is not sure where to play, who to play for, or what level to play at. All you need is good information to get to next level, that’s where we can help.

  • Contact us to become a client now!!!

Hockey Goal




  • Shooting and Scoring

  • Skating

  • Hockey Career Navigation


WAHA Youth -> Tier 1 Elite AAA -> Tier III Jr. A -> NCAA III

JB head.jpg



  • Tactical Offensive Skills

  • Hockey Career Navigation


WAHA Youth -> Wis. High School -> Tier III Jr. A -> NCAA III

jake lipski.jpeg

Riley dixon


  • Skating

  • Stickhandling

  • Offensive Defenseman Skills


WAHA Youth -> Wis. High School -> Tier III Jr. A -> ACHA II

RD headshot.jpeg

greg procopio


  • Goaltender Skills

  • Goalie Career Navigation


PA Youth -> AYHL AAA -> Tier III Jr. A -> NCAA III

GP headshot.jpeg
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